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Seamless Industrial Sourcing and Procurement.

CFH takes pride in cultivating robust and enduring relationships with a diverse array of ground-level manufacturers. Our extensive network of collaborators specializes in various production capabilities, including hot forming, cold forming, injection molding, casting, forging, stamping, and more. Trusted partners within our network also offer secondary machining, plating, and assembly services, providing a comprehensive solution to our clients' manufacturing needs.


Customers choosing CFH benefit from a wealth of experience that translates into unparalleled service and product quality. Our commitment to establishing strong relationships with manufacturers has allowed us to create a reliable network of partners. This, in turn, enables us to address the complexities of offshore sourcing and procurement, offering our clients a level of experience that instills "Peace of Mind."


At CFH, accountability is at the core of our operations. We conduct our business professionally, adhering to strict timelines to ensure the timely delivery of services and products. By prioritizing accountability, we remove the unknowns and concerns associated with offshore sourcing. Our clients can rest easy, knowing that we not only provide superior service and products but also deliver on our promise of a good night's sleep, free from worries about their manufacturing needs.

Sourcing, Procurement, Import, Delivery
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